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We are a third party Restaurant Marketing, Advertising and Delivery company with client restaurants in the Miami, Tampa, Orlando, College Station, Dallas, Connecticut and Illinois areas.

Legend has it that during their conquests, Genghis Khan and his men grilled food on their shields over an open flame. In much the same way, our Grill Masters grill your combination of fresh ingredients and stir fry them to perfection on our sizzling hot grill. It’s a centuries-old tradition you can enjoy only at Genghis Grill – the Build Your Own Stir Fry.

A new Mexican restaurant with a familiar name is celebrating its soft opening in Garland. It's called Masaryk Mexican Kitchen, which has a similar name to a restaurant that was in Addison Circle and closed in 2009. Though the name is similar, this restaurant is not related.

Ginza offers the very best in Hibachi dining with 8 grills ready to serve you and with The hibachi theater housing 6 grills you will feel like you are in Japan. All of Ginza's chefs are formally trained to provide you with excellent food hot off our grill and loads of laughter.

We are a chef-run, custom dining experience. Our success was built from a fundamental philosophy with a rich, unique Italian heritage. We offer food and provide service that is world class in style.

“We Are A Family Business, Established in 1991”
Back in 1991, John Carpentieri decided to move from Italy to the United States, in search of the American dream.


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